Illustration pour les Mille et Une Nuits Edmond Dulac

It’s the place where the Weird go after death

The Weird and the Freak, the Misfit

And the Brave enough to be outcasted

A place where the messed up assemble

United by their differences

Come and see

The poor, the unlucky

The disturbed and the – unwittingly happy

The despaired, the invisible

The miraculously unstained

The eerily pretty and the drowned

The lost in cancer, the run over

The one that knew how to

Steal minutes from Life

And the ghosts

Welcome to all!!!

In the House of the 

Untamed Losers 

Guilt, awkwardness and pain

Are ended forever

Here’s a pint of whatever

Hail Valhaluck!

May it be your home

Until the last of the stars

Passes out

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